El Morfi Grill was founded in 1991 by brothers Rene and Jorge Vildoza. First styled as an eatery, El Morfi opened at the corner of California and Orange and moved to its Brand Boulevard location in 1997. The location is unique -brick walls, hanging plants and skylights offer a choice of dining motifs: display cooking, boulevard front picture window and secluded table environments are all available. El Morfi also features boulevard outdoor dining.
Southern South America was settled by émigrés form both Italy and Spain. The result is that pizza and pastas are a significant part of El Morfi’s menu. Argentina’s flourishing cattle industry -from the gauchos to modern time- add grilled and bar-b-que meats, sausages and mollejas to the mix for a unique combination of entrées (Parrillada Argentina.)

Service is foremost at El Morfi. We strive to make your meal a pleasant dining experience. Special requests are honored when possible. Our goal is to serve you “as you like it!”

Patrons ask: “What does El Morfi mean?”
The answer is: “A perfect dining experience.”
Tango dancers and singers in Argentina developed the expression “El Morfi” to describe a complete and perfect repast. The right food, the right beverages and the right environment and ambiance to enjoy them in. That perfect combination is “El Morfi” and we seek to create that experience for you.